Coping with bereavement and grief.

I work with clients as they navigate bereavement and grief.  Heartbreak, loss and hopelessness are all difficult aspects of loss which we can work through together in our sessions.  When we lose a loved one we can be enveloped by a range of feelings that we can’t cope with.  These can range from guilt to frustration, from helplessness to numbness and from shock and anger to an overwhelming deep sadness.  These feelings are not wrong nor unusual.

Getting your emotions and feelings in the open, rather than bottling them up until they over power you is important.  I will give you the time and space to talk about your feelings, how you felt towards the person you have lost, your relationship with them, your family, work, fears and your concerns about the future.

Loneliness and grief are often intertwined and the sad reality is that many of us worry we will be a burden to our friends and family if we ask for help, or admit that after the first few months we aren’t coping well and are finding things hard.  Feeling this way is quite normal.  It is also usual to find six or seven months further on, that you are experiencing a major dip in your emotions as you come to terms that this is for real and the person isn’t coming back.  We experience shock, numbness, anger or sometimes even relief.  Learning to re-build your life is a slow process but over time finding a new balance and a greater understanding is possible.

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