I offer a free introductory first meeting and you will be able to share some of how you are at this time and what you hope to get from counselling.  You may have a clear idea of something specific you would like to work towards, or it may be something currently more difficult to pin down - a feeling of unease or dissatisfaction with your life, which you would like to explore.  My hope is that you will feel it is a space where you can comfortably ask me about my way of working and what you can expect.  There is no obligation after this initial meeting if you decide that you do not wish to go ahead and make a commitment for further sessions.

If you choose for us to work together, I can offer brief short-term counselling (6-12 sessions) or long-term open ended counselling sessions.  I will then give you a 'counselling agreement' to take away with you to read before meeting again.  I generally suggest that we try to work together for 6 sessions and then review how things are going for you.


£45.00 per session (50 minutes) with an introductory free session of 30 minutes