Helping clients through the challenges depression can have on work, relationships and day-to-day life.

While everyone will experience sadness or low mood at some point in their lives, some people experience these feelings intensely and for long periods of time.  Depression can affect people differently but common symptoms include:

Feeling consistently sad, down or empty

Reduced pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy or lack of interest in most things

Increased or reduced appetite

Changes in sleeping patterns, suddenly finding you are wanting to sleep all the time or alternatively finding it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep

Feeling tired, poor concentration and without energy

Withdrawing from friends and family or being overly dependent on them

Increase use of alcohol or other drugs

Having thoughts that you might be better off dead or thinking about hurting yourself

If you have experienced a number of these symptoms and they are present on most days for the last two weeks, then it is possible that you are clinically depressed.  It is important that you seek professional medical help from a doctor and consider additional support from a counsellor.

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