Childhood Trauma and Abuse

Helping clients to process trauma and abuse and to begin the healing process.

Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, the act of neglect or a combination of any of these.  While the experience of childhood trauma and abuse does not guarantee a person will have difficulties later in life, research has shown that it does increase the likelihood of:

Self-harming behaviours and/or suicidal thoughts

Social withdrawal, shyness, lack of self-confidence

Issues with anger management

Anxieties and fears

Depression and hopelessness

Guilt and shame

Alcohol and drug misuse

Eating disorders

Survivors of abuse may also have problems in relationships due to difficulty trusting others or in developing intimacy.  It can also affect their belief system and the way they view themselves, other and the future.  These feelings can affect every thought, feeling and action.  While we cannot change our past, we don’t need to be defined by it, be limited by it or live in pain.  Although it may not be an easy road to go down, the process of healing and recovery is worthwhile.

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