Adolescence can be a difficult time for both young people and their parents. It is a time where young people begin to distance themselves from their parents, increase their independence, explore and develop their sense of identity as well as trying to find their place in the world.

Common emotional and social issues adolescents face are:

Developing a realistic, stable and positive self-identity

Achieving independence from parents and other adults whilst still being part of a family unit.

Negotiating peer and intimate relationships.

Developing a realistic body image.

Formulating their own moral/value system.

Learning skills and healthy coping strategies.

Adolescents may feel misunderstood by adults and find it difficult to work out for themselves how they are feeling, let alone being able to communicate this to others. They may be experiencing troubles at home, at school or university or feeling isolated or bullied by their peers. There may be underlying issues or past trauma/abuse that is impacting current behavior or the young person may not even be aware of why they are feeling down or stressed.

By exploring current and past issues, young people may become more aware about what is going on for themselves and how they can overcome their issues. Through counselling, a young person can see the strengths and skills they already possess, whilst developing new internal and external support systems.

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